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Robby Antonio Zumaya, or better known by his stage name ROB.B, is a Mexican American rapper, songwriter, model, actor and gay activist. He was born and raised in the eastern suburbs of San Diego, CA. Robby took after his father’s footsteps, exhibiting a creative eye at early age, and actively enrolling in every arts program within his family’s humble means. Robby excelled in a plethora of arts media, including painting, photography, graphic design and creative writing. He continued with his artistic studies throughout high school and college until being signed by a San Diego based model management firm in 2008. Robby withdrew from school to better focus on his modeling career.

   Though he had always been an avid music enthusiast, Robby had never given serious thought into pursuing a music career, claiming, “song writing and poetry were personal outlets for me, just simple hobbies.” In late 2008, almost on a whim, he and a long time friend formed a rap duo, “The Black Market,” and Robby began recording under the alias “Robbery.” The duo had a falling out but continued to pursue solo careers separately, remaining good friends and frequent collaborators.

   After a brief hiatus and several relocations from city to city, Robby recorded “If Looks Could Kill” a collection of tracks from his former “The Black Market” duo, along with the premiere showcase of his solo work. Following the early 2010 release, in search of inspiration and new direction, Robby changed his zip code and his stage name, taking root in New York City under the name, “ROB.B.”  It was in Manhattan that he recorded the viral smash "Drop Ya Jaws" along with fellow out emcee Bry'Nt.

   In 2012, upon his arrival back in California, Robby suffered the loss of his mother. Devastated by his family’s tragedy, he lost focus and immersed in self-destructive behavior – drinking, partying and abusing – until finally, he hit a wall of clarity.  “I knew this was not what my mom would have wanted. She hated when I drank. She hated me drunk. She was and will always be my biggest fan and supporter.” After pulling himself to his feet, he then began working on his debut solo effort. His work, henceforth, has been in honor of his struggle and his mother.



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